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Still No Word From Support


Still No Word From Support

Good Morning.

This will be my third message to the forums, complaining about the very poor standard of support that I have received.

After the one year start-up contract expired, at £24+ per month, I tried unsuccessfully to change my account to Broadband Plus. Eventually I made contact with customer Services, and they agreed to make the changes for me. This was confirmed in ticket 17698352 dated 15 October.

Nothing has happened. I have tried raising another ticket, but this has proved equally abortive. In the meantime, Plusnet are happily taking £24+ from my account, instead of the £14+ for Broadband Plus. What more can I do?

Normally, I would have changed ISPs, but, a) there is obviously something wrong with the system that Plusnet has in place, and this needs addressing, and b) I do not see why I should be driven out of a service that I enjoy using, because of, what looks like, incompetence by the staff employed.

Yet, I feel that I cannot allow Plusnet to continue taking more money from my bank account, then they are legal entitled to. As things stand, after many months of fruitless appeals, I shall be forced to find an alternative ISP. A great pity when all that is required is a simple series of keyboard movements to change my account.

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Still No Word From Support


Looking at the last ticket you raised, you haven't actually specified that its the Plus account that you want to move to, as there are two packages priced at £14.99 a month. The agent who has responded to the last ticket you raised tried to clarify this issue by returning the ticket, though it looks like it was closed off automatically due to there being no response.

As such, I would advise you to raise a new ticket and state clearly which package you want to move to.

Still No Word From Support

Good Morning

Thanks for the advice.

As I have stated before, on this and related parts of the different forums, I did reply to the request as to which of the accounts I wanted to change to. And, as I have said, I requested Broadband Plus. This was way back about the middle of October (the 15th I believe). Since then I have repeated this request to Support in emails.

I have, I think, raised yet another ticket about a week ago, and I am waiting for some action on this. I am never completely clear what to do with the automated messages that I get. As they do not contain any answers or solutions to the probelms raised, I delete them with the great many other emails that I receive daily.

Do you think that I should raise another ticket? What cannot continue to happen is this unnecessary bleeding of funds from my bank account to the coffers of Plusnet. I would remind you again, that our original contract was for one year. That period ended some five or six month ago.