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Signing up script - some comments?


Signing up script - some comments?

1) There is no "back" ability, which means you have to type everything in again - what a pain.

2) What if the user does not have a FAX machine? Ever thought of that guys? It wont let you get past unles you type a number in, so I typed 000000.

3) The seperate charge does not appear in the pages after it that shows the costs, neither does it mention anywhere what that domain is/can be called or if it can be setup later at your convenience.

4) The final confirmation pages do not say how much is to be charged, it is in my experience common to print these out for reference.

5) Please get all todays signup's (as I'm one) done nice & quick. Smiley Wink Cheesy
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Signing up script - some comments?

Hi there,

Thanks very much for the feedback. We are going to be redesigning the process at some point to get it out of the pop-up so I will pass on your comments.

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Signing up script - some comments?

Just looking at this as I document some requirements for sign-up...

As this is a secure ordering process, using the back button will never be possible. We will look however at whether we can have a summary screen with an option at the end to change any incorrect details.

The fax number request is an option - You don't need it (You can also leave email address and mobile number blank if you wish!).

As I say, I will investigate the other comments further.

When you singup, the entire process is automated, so provided everything is fine with your line ther will go through in 5 - 7 working days, which is how long BT take to activate your line!



Signing up script - some comments?

As Ian stated a "back" button is impossible in secure sites.

i'm sure you'd much rathr have your credit card details handled securely than a "back" button Wink