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Sending email


Sending email

Help! I am a new PlusNet customer am I trying to set up my e-mail. I am using Max OSX1.4, Mail2. I have an mail account on my own domain, so my e-mail address is with that and I recieve e-mail from there. My domain host requires outgoing email to be sent via the ISP (PlusNet.) I can connect to the net with my PlusNet account, recieve my mail from my domain mailbox but cannot send through Mail says it doesn't recognise the server. I can ping to it but not send mail through it. It is set up not to authenticate.

Anyone have any ideas?! I have tried the help line but they say 'it should work'. Hmm, helpful.


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Sending email

Just an idea, but are you running a firewall? If so, ensure that your mail client has access to the internet?

Also, if you have any antivirus software installed which is setup to scan outgoing mail, you may need to give this process access to the internet as well.


I have the firewall turned off and have not installed the virus checker yet. I have set up my broadband and it all works OK. I just have a problem with the dial-up backup. i guess I won't be needing it much (I hope not!!)