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Second home broadband


Second home broadband

I've a holiday house where b/b has just become available, and my home b/b is with Plusnet, and I've a few questions (thought I'd raise them generally rather than as a query).

1) I guess I create a new user (and claim to be referred by my home username!). Do the payment details accept a credit card from a different address? (it's so long I don't remember).

2) I'll create a new user based on the house name, but I think the email system allows me to access & send emails based on my home user name?

3) If I sell the house in future, is there a mechanism to transfer the a/c, ie payment responsibility, to the person taking over?

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Second home broadband

2+3 yes.

Edit: just read Marks post below, and then yours again I thought you just meant moving house for 3 Shockedoops: I should really read these things properly!

Second home broadband

Hi there,

1) Yes to both parts.

2) Yes again

3) No. The ADSL account must be in the name of the telephone account holder. If you sell the house you will cease the phone line. At that point the adsl will also be ceased. You would have to keep the phone line in your name, but then you would be legally liable for all calls.

If you were buying other premises then you could transfer that account to the new premises.

Second home broadband

Ok, thanks all.

Good replies to 1 & 2.

3 - pity. I would have liked to create a user, in effect, for the house and pass it on. With more & more houses having broadband it should be made easier to cease and restart both phone and b/b, should it not? Like the water and elec too.