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SMTP with Free Dialup


SMTP with Free Dialup

The comparison listing at

suggests that you do not get 'SMTP advanced mail delivery' with the free/standard Pay As You Go dial-up service.

Does this mean you cannot send mail from your email client using the PlusNet SMTP servers?

SMTP with Free Dialup

The wording is somewhat vague - but at a guess I'd say that you won't get access the SMTP server to send mail. Presumably to prevent abuse but I think most (if not all) ISP's offering pay-as-you-go dial up do offer this.
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SMTP with Free Dialup

The wording is confusiong and you are not the first to misunderstand what it is stating...

'SMTP advanced mail delivery' means delivery of mail to you or to be exact an SMTP server running on your IP address. This requires a static IP so is not available on the PAYGO dialp or BB+ accounts who get assigned a dynamic IP eacj time they connect.

You can send mail via plusnets SMTP server ( and in fact it is the only way you can send as most ISPs block access to their SMTP servers unless you are on their own supplied IP address, just like PlusNet.
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SMTP with Free Dialup

A similar question regarding POP3 - as that is not mentioned at all in the Features list (and after investigation, it appears that a lot of other PAYG Dial-Up services do not offer POP3 - only webmail).....

Personally I'm on a PN BB PAYG account (but looking into PAYG dial-up for someone else) - so can I ask whether PN PAYG Dial-up accounts work in the same way as BB accounts - e.g. register a username, and that becomes the domain (<account> under which you create your mailboxes - and then are free to use a client like Thunderbird to pick mail up from these mailboxes, using POP3? (and using SMTP to send, given the previous answers...?).


SMTP with Free Dialup

Hi paksw,

PN PAYG dial up accounts have the email feature that works in exactly the same way as you describe.