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SMTP Mail Delivery


SMTP Mail Delivery


I wonder if anyone can give me any pointers to a problem that's developed recently.
Over the last month or so email delivery to my mail server has choked and then delivered several days worth in one go then it's fine for a while. I have DNS delivery configured but wondered if any 'processing' was done within the plusnet network. Sending from the server is no problem and delivery appears immediate (it routes via Sending a test from plusnet webmail to the server still hasn't resulted in a mail yet!. There is nothing in any of the incoming queues.

Should I reconfigure to take the SMTP feed from plusnet's servers?

Any help gratefully appreciated.

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SMTP Mail Delivery

Might be worth asking this in the ADSL and Broadband or Customer Feedback Forum.
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SMTP Mail Delivery

Sure its going direct to your server and not via autorturn?

You could try fingering autoturn ("finger" or "telnet 79") and see if that results in mail being delivered.

SMTP Mail Delivery

My domain configuration page shows the following mail delivery options:

Mail Settings
X Other I wish to specify DNS records for mail to this domain

DNS record
mail a 'insert Fixed IP here'
mx 5

This configuration has been working fine for 2 years, the mail server I'm running can't use Autoturn as it doesn't support ETRN however I will give your suggestion a try as it's one more thing eliminated.