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Question re: Acquisition of Metronet.

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Question re: Acquisition of Metronet.

I have a Metronet account at home but it is on a BT Business Line. At the moment it is not a problem with Metronet, but I know that PlusNet do not allow Business lines to use anything other than a Business Product set.
My current monthly bills with Metronet are usually in the region of £13-£14, mainly using VPN, remote desktop support, e-mail and web browsing, would I still be made to change to a Business product when PlusNet integrate Metronet fully into their system?

Question re: Acquisition of Metronet.

Hi there

Welcome to the forums.

I personally cant answer that one for you.

From other posts elsewhere, it would appear that there will be no changes in the short term. What the future holds may well need to be decided.