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Question on ADSL routers for beginners.


Question on ADSL routers for beginners.

An initial check shows that I should be able to get broadband and I'm intending to go from Tesco dialup to Plusnet's Broadband Home Premier 512k service. I understand little about the technicalities and have just discovered that I seem inadvertently to have got an Ethernet connection on my computer.
If that's the case, I'd rather use this than USB, though I have only the one computer and no intention of networking

I wonder if one of the Plusnet people would mind confirming that I haven't missed anything obvious, please?

Under Networking on Control Panel, it says
TCP/IP Realtek RTL8139(A) based PCI Fast Ethernet Adaptor

and under System Network Adaptors I have the same thing marked as "working properly".

There is a square-ish socket on the back of my computer with the networking symbol (three computers) next to it.

Does this mean that I simply order your service with the SAR 130 Router, plug it in, follow the setup instructions and I'll be connected to broadband? It seems too easy.

Also, I have Windows ME which isn't mentioned in your setup guides. Will it still work OK?


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Question on ADSL routers for beginners.

Yep - the setup for the SAR is all web based, so you should be fine with Win ME and it certainly sounds as if it should all work as you described.

Question on ADSL routers for beginners.

Thanks for the quick reply and reassurance Colin.
I'll get on with it.
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Question on ADSL routers for beginners.

In a word, yes it will be as you described. You do have an Ethernet Interface which will connect to the SAR130 without any problems. WinMe will not be an issue either because you are not using a USB connected device.

However, you may want to shop around as there are a lot of other manufacturers which you may be able to get cheaper than PlusNet's SAR 130 @ £70

Some examples:

Netgear DG834 which actually has 4 ports not just the 1 that the SAR130 has and you can get this for around £55-£60. This is a very popular model and is used by many people.

Origo ASR8000 - this is a 1 port router that has been mentioned here which has Ethernet & USB ports and costs about £25. The Origo ASR8400 is the 4 port version is about £30.

Question on ADSL routers for beginners.

I have a SAR130, no experience of anything else, but I find it doea exactly what it says on the box. I also bought my filters from Solwise, I found them efficient and helpful. Incidently I delayed ordering my gear until I had broadband confirmed (recommended), when I came to order they were out of stock of one item. They told me that I could have pre-ordered with no obligation and they would have reserved the stock.