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Question of procedure ??


Question of procedure ??

Hi Guys,
Hope you can please advise me.

I currently have a BT Highway ISDN line and my exchange is due to be adsl activated on 11-aug-04.

I would like to move to the £39.99 unlimited 2mb package.

1/ do i need to get bt to change the line back to pstn and if so how close to activation date should i do that ??

2/ when i move to plusnet presumably i dont pay any further "line rental" to BT ie, plusnet are now the line provider therefore my bill should just be the Activation charge + the £39.99/month + any voice calls.

3/ When should I order the package from Plusnet ??

Forgive the newbie questions and please feel free to point out if I've got anything wrong !! :roll:

Thanks in advance

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Question of procedure ??

1) Part of the activation process is BT visiting your premises to remove your ISDN equipment and testing the line to see if ADSL is possible - the line cannot be tested for ADSL with the ISDN equipment still connected. SO all you do is apply for ADSL and PlusNet/BT do the rest. There is a £50 charge for this which is refunded if your line cannot have ADSL i.e the line test fails due to signal strength or other issues like you are too far away from the exchange. If this happens, they put your ISDN equipment back.

Note: the speed of the connection you can get is determined by the line test. You have to be within 3.5KM of the exchange to get 1Mb/2Mb ADSL and have a line loss of 44DB or less, any further and you will have to make do with 512K.

2) You still pay the BT quarterly line rental for the line. ADSL is an additional service added to the line and the line can still be used for normal phone calls so you still pay BT for it. Also you don't pay BT for ADSL, you are billed directly by PlusNet for the ADSL service, you only pay BT for line rental and phone calls (Note: ADSL is not a phone call).

3) You can order it at any time but PlusNet will not be able to put your order in until after the exchange is ADSL activated. However I would wait until the beginning of August before submitting your order as there is nothing going to happen until then anyway.

Question of procedure ??

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the quick reply !! Also thanks for clearing up the question re BT still providing the line, therefore bt will still bill me for voice calls.

I will need to have another think how to do this. I currently have the isdn line paid by the company as i sometimes work from home and i also have a personal line.

I dont think the company will pay £39.99/month + the normal line rental. Some creative thinking to be done methinks !!

As i have to download some large file for work and i have two teenage sons who are already looking up the various music download site in readiness I felt i should go for the fastest link i could get !!

Thanks again for the reply and I am very impressed reading through the forums so far with Plusnet. Cheesy


Question of procedure ??

Forgot to say that I am about 400 yards in a straight line from the exchange so hopefully 2meg here I come !!