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Processing is going on...


Processing is going on...

Hello guys, newbie here and i need a little help!!

I'm trying to install my Wip-Tech Broadband onto my Laptop, but it keep stalling when a large grey box appears, with the text "Processing is going on...". The doesn't lock up, just he installation goes no further, and i've left it for a good 30 minutes, but nothing.

I've got a A360 External USB Modem, and have followed the step-by-step installation guide word for word about 10 times, and starting to get a little frustrated!! I've tried connecting the USB Modem both before and after rebooting, but it doesn't seem to make any diffference.

Can anyone relate to such a problem, and if so how did you get around it??

I've also tried setting up the connection manually, but that doesn't seem to work either... out of ideas now...

Thanks in Advance, Andy