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Premier versus Plus.


Premier versus Plus.

I want to sign up to a package that gives me fast surfing and fast occasional ftp.

Without wishing to be provocative, is there any quantitative difference between Premier and Plus – and if so, then what is that quantitative difference.

On the various forums I have read about slow ftp (and fast surfing) on both Premier and Plus. And what seems to be a lot of less than fully open and honest comments from Plus Net staff, along the lines that downloads will be better than they have been etc on both Premier and Plus without saying what this actual mean in kB/s.

What is the quantitative advantage of paying for Premier over Plus?
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Premier versus Plus.

The difference between plus and premier are as follows:

Plus is unsuitable for downloading.
Premier is suitable for downloading; but not 100's of gigabytes a month.

On plus p2p; ftp and binary usenet are heavilly throttled.
On premier there is a 20 gig clean allowance enabling you to get decent speeds on those protocols. After the 20 gig allowance these protocols will be given a different priority and be slower.

On plus there is no set limit for how much you can download; since the nature of the product makes it extremely difficult to download excessively.
On premier there is a sustainable usage policy.

On plus you generally have a dynamic IP (though if PN are managing your usage due to excessive downloading outside of the products design then you will have a static IP).
On premier you will have a static IP

On plus you only have 100MB of webspace; with no CGI; php or mySQL features.
On premier you have 250mb of webspace with CGI; php and mySQL.

Premier versus Plus.


As this post comes from the same IP address as similar queries, I'll direct you, as i did a couple of days ago, to this information from the Plus Net UserGroup.

The easy comparison table and further info should make the task a bit more simple. Smiley

Premier versus Plus.

Thanks - again.

I am confused how this (your link) relates to the vison for 2006 and the actual experience.

Premier means <=20GB at full line speed is more than acceptable to me, but other comments cast doubt on this interpretation. I am prepared to pay for Premier, but only if I get something tangible (and understandable) in return.

Premier versus Plus.


I can appreciate the confusion. Again, on the UserGroup Site, there is a page which should provide an understanding as to how the two work together.

The page is here.

I hope that is of some help as it does a much better job than the reams I would have to write to explain it.

don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

anything of any use like FTP, P2P, news groups etc is heavily restricted, and i mean heavily restricted. the 'fair sahre 'policy changes from month to month as to the service.
I pay a premium price for what is supposed to be a premium service, aedvertised for downloading m usic , films etc. What thay fail to tell you is that you can only download these things between midnight and 8 am, the rest of the time is sooooooooooooooo restricted it would take a week to download a music CD.
My advise go elsewhere, once you're tied in for the 12 month contract, they can change the rules lfet right and center - and you won't have a leg to stand on.

Premier versus Plus.

I'm sorry, but that post is about as inaccurate and untrue as it gets and helps no-one.

From the links which I have posted further up in the thread the true nature of Plus Nets policies is explained and clarified.

Re: don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can only download these things between midnight and 8 am, the rest of the time is sooooooooooooooo restricted it would take a week to download a music CD.

Let me get this straight........ the 700MB file that I thought I had downloaded entirely in about 10-15 minutes at a constant 223KB/sec yesterday (Sunday) at approx. 1645hr (which I believe is well into peak time) did not in actual fact finish downloading but is still downloading and won't finish till next Sunday.

personal experience

so pray tell why if i donwload from easynews do i get speeds on par with a 56k dial up?
Inaccurate ...not at all, if i'm paying for a 2mb connection and well within the 'download limits' i expect to get speeds close on, allowing for contention' to the 2mb i pay for - not really alot to ask - apparently it is!!!
downloading a driver, an app or anything else from sites other then P2P, news groups and FTP is at an acceptable speed, but even browsing is considerably slower then it used to be. side by side my dial up loads a page as fast if not quicker.
i suspect the problem lies in the configuration of the routing and inspection equipment. as all traffic has to be indentified / filtered this has a knock on effect of slowing all traffic - excessive load on the backplane etc
~Oh and by the way before the line is blamed, my equipment etc I am more then qualified - CCNP, MSCE, I design and implement LAN and WAN technologies for a living.......
Ultimately people have a right to know what in the real world your changing goal posts means on a practical day to day basis.

Premier versus Plus.

Have you raised a ticket to see if the profiling on your account is incorrect?

Might be a more professional approach rather than posting wild statements in a public forum. As can be seen from the info posted above, if you are not experiencing speeds which should be normal for your account then this will need to be looked at and an attempt made to resolve it.

As I said, try a Link:Contact us. It may improve your experience.


Don't go there, been there done it, read the book etc etc
Problem is if it can't be answered by 1st line then the problem doesn't exist, it's a figment of my imagination !
I have raised loads of tickets, no one takes ownership or is at all interested.
Which is why i am now a very peeved customer.
as i said before this is fact, not a 'wild statement', further using packet sniffers i am able to pin point exactly where the throttling is taking place,as far as proffessionalism is concerned you might want to look a little closer to home, I have yet to be in contact with anyone from +net who actually knows what they are talking about.
when i spoke to the +net helpdesk the other day i asked the guy about the 'usuage for 2006 'etc my specific question was is this a policy that +net are going to stick with, or, as before is it likely to be changed every month. his response, 'it's the one they are using at the moment'.
So I ask you is it 'fair, right or proper' that customers are subjected, to their detriment, constant policy changes. These forums are full of people asking 'what are the rules' or 'please explain as it was different last month'.
I think it is +net who are less then proffessional, in the service they provide, the support they don't give and total disregard of the concept of 'customers'.

Premier versus Plus.

Rather than pull this thread further ot, it might be an idea to outline your problems in a new thread in Community Support and we'll see where it goes from there.

Work with the system and we'll maybe make progress.

to what end?

The problem lies with +net, not the community. other users can't provide the answers and +net can't be bothered.
i have to day finally got my MAC number and will be dumping +net at the earliest oppertunity.
fortunately i was smart enough to take out a monthly contract and would advise others do the same if contemplating joining
+net can't deliver on it's advertising - my first question when i signed up was' are ther any restrictions?' - 'absolutely not' came the reply - reallyHuh?

All i can say is think very hard before commiting to this profit focused, profit lead company as there is no emphasis on customer service,support or value.

You have been warned!!!
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Premier versus Plus.

Said it before and will say it again... I get brilliant & consistent speeds from PlusNet. I occasionally download FLAC lossless albums which amount in total to about a gig (music which I pay for) and always get between 230 & 238 KB/sec. Don't use newsgroups to download so I haven't had any experience recently of those speeds and don't bother with p2p music sharing as it still strikes me as being more than a bit ethically questionable.

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Re: Premier versus Plus.

I want to sign up to a package that gives me fast surfing and fast FTP
Without wishing to be provocative, is there any quantitative difference between Premier and Plus – and if so, then what is that quantitative difference.quote]

You would be better off with PAYG which has all the benefits of premier but without any traffic shaping etc