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Premier account and ftp


Premier account and ftp

If I buy the £22 premier package, what speeds can I expect (in kb/s or Mb/s) for ftp.
Is it up to my line speed (say 2Mb/s)?
Or limited to a maximum of 250kB/s - as in the vision statement?

I do not do much ftp, but when I do I would prefer 'full line speed'.

Premier account and ftp

Hi there,

Welcome to the forum.

From the Vision announcement:-


From today the usage policies detailed below will come into affect on Usenet, P2P and FTP downloads during peak times. Usage levels will be reset on your billing date giving you new prioritised “download” allowance designed to speed up your usenet and P2P downloads during peak times..................

Which means that for the £21.99 product the first 20gb of P2P, Usenet or FTP data will be in the Gold queue with rates at up to line speed during on peak hours.

For a further breakdown of rates etc see this info from the Plus Net Usergroup site.

Hope that helps. the info is a bit detailed to contain it all in this post, hence the link to the clearly laid out table.

Premier account and ftp

Thank you for the reply and link to the simplified (!!) explaination.

The key questions of how Premier ftp compares to BB+ ftp seems have been answered by the above ie 'do not know / PN will not say', but in off peak hours would BB+ ftp speed be up to the line speed or up to a significant fraction of it?