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Pre-ordering ADSL - ISDN conversion


Pre-ordering ADSL - ISDN conversion


I'd like to pre-order ADSL with plusnet for November when our exchange is activated. Main reason is I'd like to get BT in on the day of activation to remove ISDN (finally!). I went through the order process but noticed you have to give credit card details just now. My question is will the activation payment be taken off immediately or just near / on the day of activation? I assume the line conversion is debited from BT telephone bill?

Thanks in advance.
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Pre-ordering ADSL - ISDN conversion

Hi there,

The activation payment would be taken immediately - this is just how the automated systems work. To be honest, there is no difference between you signing up now or waiting until 2 days before your exchange actiavtion date - as we cannot submit an order to BT and therefore get the ball rolling until your exchange is actually activated.

It is up to you which you chosse.

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Pre-ordering ADSL - ISDN conversion

In addition, you do know there will be a charge by BT of £50 to have your ISDN removed in addition to your activation fee paid to PlusNet. This £50 charge will appear on your phone bill.

Also Plusnet will need to book a BT engineer through to visit you to remove ISDN and this may involve you choosing a suitable date. If BT are very busy, this may not be on the day of your exchange activation and could be upto a few weeks later.

Pre-ordering ADSL - ISDN conversion

Thanks for quick replies. Well, I think I'll pre-order and book engineer time just for somethin to do, its been a long time coming !
Perhaps by nearer the time I'll be able to afford 2mb instead of 1, that ought to fix the ISDN blues Smiley