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Plus-net,free migration,monthly contract ?BUT?


Plus-net,free migration,monthly contract ?BUT?

So if you sign up with plus-net monthly contract ,your on a yearly contract?

.And what is the total cost 2 leave inside the 12 months,[£14.99 (inc. VAT) will apply, in addition to any other fees that may be payable.


1. This offer applies only if you decide to move your service.
2. You will not have to pay a moving fee for transferring your service to PlusNet if you complete a 12-month minimum period. This will be measured from the date your move is successfully completed.
3. If you cancel your service before the end of the 12-month minimum period, a moving fee of £14.99 (inc. VAT) will apply, in addition to any other fees that may be payable.
4. We reserve the right to terminate the offer.
5. All of our standard Terms & Conditions apply, and take precedence over these terms where there may be a conflict.
6. This offer does not affect your statutory rights.unquote.

Plus-net,free migration,monthly contract ?BUT?

Can some-one from plus-net answer this,As i would like to know the answer also.

Plus-net,free migration,monthly contract ?BUT?

With a annual contract, it would have been £14.99 migration fee, and a £15 admin fee if leaving in the first 12 months from memory.

However, as this is a monthly contact, only the migration fee applies within the first 12 months.

All contracts regardless of age, are quired to pay in accordance with the contract, within th 30 day notice period for cancellation.

Plus-net,free migration,monthly contract ?BUT?

So accarr,
what your saying is there is no such thing as[FREEmigration] with PlusNet?.

Why can plusnet say this,when a isp not long ago got fined for false advertising.

Plus-net,free migration,monthly contract ?BUT?

They don't falsly advertise though.

The terms of the migration clearly state that if you cancel or migrate out within the first 12 months, you repay the migration fee. If you remain the whole 12 months, it is free.

By now, you should heave learned that nothing in life is truly free.

As for ISPs and getting done. Which one was it and for what/where did they advertise?

You will find that the ASA have no powers over companies that advetise such deals on their websites.

Trading Standards are powerless too, as the information given to the consumer is complete and gives you this information.

Plus-net,free migration,monthly contract ?BUT?

Thanks for reply,

I moved to a new isp on free migration and then decided my old isp was far better speeds ect, so i noticed my old isp were doing [free migrate],so i went back but things did,nt work out.

[in both cases never got hit with any fee,got mac key and gave months notice]

To me this means [free migrate].or am i missing something?.

the post about the isp getting fined ,im sure i can find it and post somewhere in here[old adsl guide post].