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New customer at 66


New customer at 66

I am a very nervous would-be new (Apple Mac) customer who presently uses dial up for many hours a day to world-wide friends. Dare I burn my bridges and switch to Plusnet, when the help pages seem not to recognise that Mac OSs did not stop at OS 8.1 (as on the web site) - and that the iMac no longer looks anything like the illustration, which is years old? I use both OS9.2.2 and OS10.4 on my computers, a G4 and a G5.
It doesn't help that I am ancient and started on thermionic valve analogue computers (ever heard of them?) about 50 years ago, and my tired old brain struggles to keep up!

What happens if I get stuck in the middle of the change over?

Re: New customer at 66

What happens if I get stuck in the middle of the change over?

I would'nt worry too much about it: as a fellow Mac user on OS 10.3.9 I think you will find it the easiest thing to do, and you will not need the help pages........ I did'nt.

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New customer at 66

Agreed !
I recently repaired an imac for one of my customers (333mhz & 64mb ram) who also wanted to be sure it would be ok for ADSL, it was only running OS 9.1 and i didnt have any problems connecting it up via the network port to my router at all and im not a regular mac user

So go for it plusnet supply a good solid service that has never let me down