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New User

I have signed up to Plusnet and have requested my migration date as the 3rd March
the online portal still only shows the orginal ticket created when i signed up - i have had no update yet!
Is this something to worry about as my MAC code runs out on the 5th

am i supposed to have heard from Plusnet yet to confirm what date it will go through or not

Any help apprectiated


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When did you sign up with Plusnet?

New User

on the 23rd and chose the 3rd as the migration date

still nothing confirmed from plusnet

should i be worriedHuh :?
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Just give the support number a ring and see if they can give you an update.

What does the order tracker say (click connection settings on the left after logging into the portal with your plusnet login details).

There should also be a contact us ticket on hold (again after logging in, click help at the top then contact us to see your tickets) which will be your order which will normally come off hold on the day your migration is due.

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This says:

Ticket: 16069027 Open
Raised: 2005-02-23 15:42:32 by: Automatic
Open : This ADSL account is migrating from another ISP and requires a CSC operative to use the following details
1. MAC code : **********************
2. Current BT product : BT IPStream Home 500
3. Requested migration date : 3 Mar 2005
4. Current ISP : PIPEX Internet Limited

Email Notification status: On

Action Ticket

I phoned their support on Saturday and i was told they had no more information and to wait until a couple of days before its due

but im starting to worry in case my MAC expires and then i have to pay stay with my ISP a little longer, meaning i would get billed by them again

anyone know when the ticket gets updated?

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I would give them another call tomorrow just to be sure - the process has altered since I joined from Pipex, but I would have thought that the length of time you gave was just about spot on.

Are there no other tickets regarding setting up direct debits (assuming you are paying that way) or whatever. As peter says, log in and look at all your tickets.