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Moving from - Timescales etc.?


Moving from - Timescales etc.?


I've had a good hunt around this forum (very useful) and I've decided that, despite a few naysayers, PN seems to be the way forward for me. It'd be good if someone can confirm my thoughts:

I use the Internet/e-mail evenings and weekends mostly and I also download some big files - probably 1GB total traffic both ways two or three times a week with the odd bigger one every now and then. I imagine my monthly volumes come in at around 15GB average and 40GB max. I'm more than happy to do these big downloads at off-peak times - I understand that this is 12am to 8am. (This seems like a *very* good system to me, by the way.)

I like the idea of a static IP address so I can attempt to serve a VPN. Would I also be able to use this to host my own low bandwidth website from my home machine?

Finally, I'm moving from who, after a year of perfectly good service, have managed to screw up *so* many things in *such* a short period of time that I just don't want to give them my money anymore. One of the bigger issues is that I've moved home and, despite giving them plenty of warning, I'm now nearly 3 weeks without broadband - god only knows what my phone bill will be like. However, assuming that they do actually get themselves vaguely organised, I should be online in a few days with a 2MB connection.

When would be the best time to cancel with them and what are the timescales for swapping over? I'm also sure that have a 30 day notice period. Is this for cancellation *and* moving to another provider?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Moving from - Timescales etc.?


I came from virgin a month ago as i thought they had screwed up a good service....slow down of connection and a 20gb cap (trialled there 1mb for them)

Plus static ip is ideal for game hosting and i suppose web hosting but you would require a web address to be pointed to your ip i believe. (Dont think this service is free either as someone will have to host the web address)

I generally have good connection and think it was the best idea to move to plus net.

im on the priemer service but i maybe should of tried the plus service first to see if that would of done my needs?

Took about 10 or less days as i was told the 10th june but then it went down to 9th. Only problem i had was with virgin who cut you off before the exchage date. Which meant that i had to phone to get my connection details lol.