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Moving from BTYAHOO


Moving from BTYAHOO

I am awaiting the information pack about switching from my current ISP to plusnet. I have seen the good reviews. It's half the price of BT, but will that change? Is this a special price to lure us over to you guys? Cheesy I don't want to subscribe for £14.99 a month and then a few months down the line, find the bill hiked up to whatever I pay right now. Bt have been fine but it's expensive for the little time that I go online.
I am a little confused about the PAYG option. If it's £14.99 a month, what else are you paying for? I don't download files or music or movies, so I would think the BB plus would be better for me?
Feedback appreciated.
Ps do I have to pay for a modem or is it all free set up ?
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Moving from BTYAHOO

Ok, basically PlusNet offer 3 options on Residential :-

Pay as You Go, you get 1GB with it and you pay for each additional GB you use at a rate of £1.25 per GB. You can monitor your usage in the portal. This is great for people who don't use the internet too much but still want a fast connection when they do.

Plus is a product that gives priority in busy periods to browsing and checking email and less priority to downloading and file sharing. Meaning that downloading and file sharing will be slower at these times. Ideal for anybody who just, most of the time, wants to browse the web and check email.

Premier is for people who want a high speed internet connection they can use as much as they like for anything they like. This is good for people who want a fixed bill and want to use the internet alot for a range of things.

So in answer to your question, if you choose PAYG, you will be charged more if you use more GBs. So if you only use the 1GB included, you'll only pay the £14.99.

Its all FREE setup and FREE modem if you stay with PlusNet for 5 years. If you wanna leave before then, you simply pay the cost of activation and the modem at the time you wanna leave.

Hope this helps ya!.

Best Regards,
Craig Brass

Recommendation - I think :)

I've been telling friends, to look at Plusnet over the last two years, at least 10 of them signed up and are still more than happy and they have not been sh&fted on the price after signing up.

Having said all of this, I've been with BT since time began and only now just switched to PlusNet. I stayed with an overpriced, feature bloated BTYahoo! service because I didnt want any hassle, but I eventually got fed up with poor customer service and delays on speed upgrades.

The migration was ofcourse painless and I have no complaint with Plusnet... so far Smiley

A pity I couldnt take advantage of the Plusnet referral rewards !!!
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Moving from BTYAHOO

You won't need to pay a setup fee but you need to migrate that way it's free as +net pay the £14.99 migration fee ask BTyahoo for your MAC ,supply that to +net that way you only get about 30 minutes down time if you leave within the first 12 months you will have to repay +net the £14.99 don't cancel your current connection or it's a cease and reprovide 2 weeks downtime and the 5 year tie in for free connection. I don't think modem as an option with migration, but i'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong.