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Migration with CBUK


Migration with CBUK

Hi guys ,

looking for some of your unriveled knowledge.
I am looking to sign up asap to PN 2mb home. I am currently with tiscali 512kb , and am looking for a timeline / cost if I was to migrate over now. Tiscali do not support MAC keys yet so I have the CBUK number - does this make a difference?

Thanks ,


Migration with CBUK

The old system where you could use only a CBUK code no longer exists. If you want to migrate you have to use a MAC key fullstop now.

However, there is one small problem.

Most Tiscali connections are provisioned on DataStream. There is no current way to migrate from DataStream. As such, migration will be very much dependant on If you are on IPStream or not.

Migration with CBUK

Thanks for the help Phil. Have asked Tiscali to confirm yet again Product and if I can optain a MAC key - been told by 2 different people that they only issue CBUK numbers. Grr. If that is the case then I suppose ill have to disconnect from them and become a new customer with PN again.

Will get on PN yet

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Migration with CBUK

Are you on a Datastream product? If so, you can't migrate as datastream -> IPstream migrations don't exists and plusnet only have IPStream products. This may also explain why Tiscali can't issue a MAC code.

Your only option is to cease your current ADSL connection with Tiscali (which may take a month) and signup for a new ADSL activation. The activation fee is £58.75 (annual contract) or £70.50 (monthly contract) though.