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Migration to 2mb unlimited service


Migration to 2mb unlimited service

ok for start i am a virgin 1mb customer so will i require to pay an upgrade to get 2mb connection?

Secondly i am leaving virgin due to it 20gb cap which i can easily go over with playing online games, peer to peer and surfing....
So does plus net allow peer 2 peer as i use it to recieve demo, patchs and trailers as i find it far quicker to download them via p2p or via torrents.....and have read that plus net throttle the connection to prevent p2p/torrents which seems unfair as it is a typically same as downloading form a website but generally can be far quicker.

I am currently deciding on few isp eg v21 which is unlimited to do with what i like for 19.99 for 1mb connection which means i can use peer to peer/ torrent to my content lol

any suggestions and recommendations would be great or even isp that is cheap and fullfil my needs i have been known to run up 15gb in a week ocassionally and prob have monthly usage of between 30 and 60gb
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Migration to 2mb unlimited service


The only package that supports P2P at your sort of usage is "Premier Up to 2Mb" at £21.99. This will give you the fastest speed your line will support up to 2Mb.

There are no stated usage limits, but Plusnet expect you to use your line "reasonably" and reserve the right to speak to you about it if your use impacts other customers.

That said, 30 or even 60Gb is unlikely to be a problem if it doesn't impact other users - i.e. you make use of off peak when you can. They are looking to discourage heavy users who hammer their connection. I suspect you will know if you feel you would be doing this.

As an ISP, I'd recommend Plusnet. I've been with them nearly a year now and the speed and reliability of the connection have always been good for me. My usage is normally up to 30Gb a month and I don't download overnight at all.

Good luck with the search anyway.


ye well most of my downloading is done during the night and maybe during the day occasionally depending on the downlaod size.....

Hmm think this package would be ideal

Just have to argue with virgin to give me my mac code now.

plus net also cheaper and in long run faster Tongue

Migration to 2mb unlimited service

just got to wait 5 days for my mac code thats just terrible i want to move now.......they costing me more money for a poorer service......get pings of 70 on there 1mb service....grr