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Migration - Questions and Timescales


Migration - Questions and Timescales


New to here.

Have just put thru an online migration to move to Plusnet from Eclipse. This relates to Home 1000 service.

A few questions :

1. Approx how long does it take for migration to happen
2. Will I be advised when it has happened / going to happen
3. At what point can I request a "regrade" to one of the 2MB services

Advice appreciated
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Migration - Questions and Timescales

1. 7 days
2. Yes, just follow the ADSL tracker (connections settings link on left) or keep an eye on your email and via the contact us ticket system (also on the left).
3. As soon as your migration has completed and you have connected via plusnet. Just click on the upgrade account icon under connection settings and follow the pages to select what you want. It will cost £14.99 to do so (unless you migrated to an annual contract and you selected to upgrade to a monthly contract when it will cost £24.99).