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Migration Problems? Or is BT Bending the truth ?


Migration Problems? Or is BT Bending the truth ?

Hello Every One

I am switching over to when my Migration is sorted.
I started with a line problem that stems from a few weeks ago.
My line for some reason went down.
I called BtYahoo who after about 1/2 hour of trying to sort things out said it was a line fault?
However there were no problems with the phone side of things.
Just the internet.
So they put a request in to an engineer to have a look.
I kept checking the on-line status that next day, and it said there was no problem with the line.
That night I called BT Yahoo again and a very helpful young lady got me up and running again after altering a few setting on my P.C, and told me it was my IP address was stuck or something?
However it did not seems as quick?
So I decided to format my P.C to see if that was the problem.
Everything looked ok when I reinstalled everything.

Until the other day when my wife said it seems really slow when downloading anything?
So I did a speed test with a little help from Google, and it’s saying my download speed is 500kps.
I have done this test before and with having a 2 Meg line it’s always been 2000kps
I called up BT straight away and they tried a few things with out no luck.
After doing loads of tests on the line again.
Then I said I don't know if it makes any difference, but I am in the middle of changing ISP's.
He said straight away that’s the problem?
He said we always get this when someone is swapping over
So I have left it at that.
The strange thing is my router is saying the download is coming in at 2000.
First of all is BT just fobbing me off as usual?
If they are telling the truth why should my downloads speeds drop, I am still paying them for a service?
Secondly. If that’s not the case, Can someone please give me a bit of advice?

Thanks for reading my Post
Looking forward to being on Plus.Net Looks great.
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Migration Problems? Or is BT Bending the truth ?

Nothing should change on your line during the migration period so they are telling porkies.