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Mac OS X IMAP Email settings


Mac OS X IMAP Email settings

Mac users can use Mac Mail and PlusNet Webmail with the following settings.
Set up your PlusNet Webmail account and set it to IMAP (make note or screen snap of your settings)
eg Name - Ann Example
User name annexample
Password .........

On your Mac
- Applications
- Open Mail
- File
- Preferences
- Accounts
- click on "+" (to add a new account)

Account information

Account type - IMAP
Description - Ann Example (Plus Net)
Email Address -
Full Name - Ann Example

Incoming Mail Server -
User Name - annexample
Password - .........

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) - (This setting is created in a new popup window when you click on server settings)

eg - Outgoing Mail Server -
Authentication - Password
Username - annexample
Password - ...........
then click OK

I hope this helps a few Mac users