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Internet for the first time.


Internet for the first time.

A Friend gets his first computer tomorrow and wants to go onto Broadband as soon as possible. Does he need any special disks with software to get started. He has no prior ISP.
Will he have to join the dial up service first then go onto Broadband
or can he jump straight in. If somebody can point me in the right direction please.

Getting connected with Broadband Ivan

Hello Alan,

The quick answer is your friend should be able to just jump striaght into braodband but this does (bear in mind) require him/her to have a number of elements already in place. These are as follows:-

1) A BT phone line which has already been "activated" by BT for broadband services. Without the phone line being activated you just WONT get a braodband service.

2) Next I'm assuming the phone line has already been activated by BT for a broadband service, your friend will need (require) a little device called a splitter or also called a line filter. This costs about £15-20 maybe less if you shop around.

3) your friend will require a broadband modem or router to connect with (ADSL Modem if you only have say 1 PC only to connect to broaddband).

OR alternatively if you require several home PC's, laptops, devices like an xbox etc to have internet access from a home network ( a LAN) then an ADSL Router is probably a better option, but you have to understand that a router is a more complex device and so setting this up is not for a novice really. (a router will allow for numerous PC's to use the web). routers require that you have quite a good level of understanding of networking otherwise is going to be difficult.

4) Some ISP's like for example BT, AOL etc will require that you use their connection manager software which comes on a CD but one of the REALLY GOOD things about Plusnet, Force9 & Free-Online (which I like myself) is that you WONT require any ISP software to connect.

**The connection manager software which you will require usually comes bundled with your Modem or Router when you buy it.

5) If your friend just used an ADSL modem (such as one of the D-Link models ) once the connection manager software is installed, then because ADSL modems still use a dialup system. You would use the windows dailup networking (DUN) to create a new connection. In WinXP there is a nice connection wizard that steps you through creating a new dialup connection.

6) Oh! nearly forget!! you will also need an account with an ISP such as Plusnet or Force9 or Free-Online. Without an account its pretty hard to get online at all. You could setup a broadband or ADSL account say with Plusnet or Force9 using a traditional dialup modem connection initially and then once the account has been created & goes live (usually takes 12-24hrs) connect using your broadband service after that. (so just use the old dialup service to create the new broadband account).

**NOTE: broadband or ADSL doesnt dial a phone number to make the connection so this is very different from traditional dialup modems in that sense.

Hope that helps answer some of your points, regards Ivan
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Internet for the first time.

Just to back up some of Ivans points.

Placing an order with Plusnet will mean his line will be activated for Broadbad with BT. You do not need an active line to order Broadband, your line is activated as part of the process.

Also, you can only order PN products online, not over the phone. So I would sign him/her up for a PAYG account at yours, set it up at his, and thn upgrade it to BB.

He'll then be able to use 56k dialup (assuming he has a 56k modem) whilst waitng the 7-10 days to activate his line.

He will also need a Broadband ADSL Modem. A free USB modem can be provided by Plusnet as part of the Free Activation / Modem deal.

Internet for the first time.

Thanks to both of you for taking time to reply.
I'm very limited in what I know about equipment
myself but can follow above steps/tips so hopefully we
should get there. He has a modem so I shall attempt
to sign up from mine ready for us to do the settings.
Many Thanks again, its now more clearer.

Internet for the first time.

One more thing to consider, is about a firewall... With an ADSL modem/router, many types of traffic will be blocked at the router. With a PC connected direct to a modem, there's a bit more chance of something 'getting in'. I know there's likely to be a free USB modem and one nice thing about them is that they'll just 'plug in' for most PCs

To connect to a combined ADSL modem/router you need an ethernet card (sometimes standard on some types of PC) and a patch cable. The card might cost under a fiver, so it should not break the bank. Some routers come with a patch cable anyway, but they can be had for a couple of pounds or so and lengths from 0.5 to 10 metres are common.

Routers are pretty reliable and once set up, they stay logged in and ready to go with much lower overheads than USB would cause ... well worth paying from 30 pounds up to your limit, IMO. Just another aspect of 'getting connected'.