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How is P2P on Plusnet these days?


How is P2P on Plusnet these days?

Just wondering how P2P is on Plusnet's "Premier" package these days.
I know that last year it was awful and "shaped" or as I'd prefer to call it "slaughtered" because they didn't have enough pipes to go round.
Any comments from current torrent users welcome thanks.


I'm currently running on premier option 1 and am using u torrent.(random port setting) I target all my downloads overnight and these are always completed by the morn , usually at 100KBS and above , I used to be with AOL wherby the luxury was 24hr top speed D/L,s however I have heard that they are now shaping their traffic for p2p .So if your patient , plusnet does the job Cool

How is P2P on Plusnet these days?

Thank you kirkybaby

I did look in a couple of times to see if anybody had answered, so I suspect the resounding silence speaks for itself.
I'm used to downloading torrents at my line's full 600kB at any time of day, so it doesn't sound as though the extra cost of a Plusnet account will be justified for me.