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How do I??

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Registered: 25-08-2007

How do I??

I have had problem with my connection, which I have managed to correct,

I know this may seem a stupid question but when I have sorted the problem

and connection OK.

How do I make it that I just login after AdSL has connected rather then having

to enter my username and password details.

I'd be grateful for advise.
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Registered: 15-06-2007

How do I??

Hi, i think i know what your after if i have read this right !

under "My Account" go to connection settings click on auto login
and set the time you want to be logged in for

mine is set to one year, you will need to make sure your system
saves the +net cookie for this to carry on logging you in automatically

when you have done this you can go to tools at the top of your browser then internet options and choose which page on the portal you want it to load
for example if you want to go straight to the member centre when you open your browser go to that page and click on "use current"