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Free Users and Guests Forum (Read this first)


Free Users and Guests Forum (Read this first)

This forum has been introduced to allow Free Users and Guest Users, who are prospective customers, to post messages on the message board and is being added for a trial period.

In addition to the normal rules of the board there are a couple of additional points to be made about this forum.

  • Please do not abuse this forum. All IP addresses of users posting in the forums are logged, and we have the ability to remove posting access by IP – this will also stop you posting from your main account.
  • This forum is being added on a trial basis, and may be removed if it is deemed necessary by one of the forum Administrators either on a temporarily or on a permanent basis and without prior notice.
  • The moderators will continue to moderate this forum as they do any others. Any issues with this forum should be brought to their attention. [/listShocked]

    It is also possible for Free Users to be provided with access to the other forums if it is thought that their contribution would be beneficial, and they are not likely to cause problems. For this to be granted, it is advisable to PM one of the administrators, shown in Green on the "Who's Online" list at the bottom of the main index page.

    We hope this forum benefits "free" users and prospective customers alike!

    Forum Moderators and Force 9Customer Support