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Dial up problems Help required.


Dial up problems Help required.

I am trying to ditch AOL as my ISP. I have signed up to PlusNet on dial up to try it out before switching over to Broadband. However although I am able to connect to Plusnet on dial up the home page does not come up. I am told that my connections have been successful and the problem must lie in the settings on my PC. I can access my account via AOL on broadband . Can anyone help please ? I have had such dire problems with AOL that I am anxious to sign up to a better ISP as soon as possible.

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Dial up problems Help required.

Are you connected to AOL on broadband when you dialup PlusNet. If so that is your problem as you cannot have 2 connections active at the same time as windows get's confused.

You have to disconnect/unplug your ADSL connection before using the dialup to PlusNet.

Also check your connection does not go via a proxy server:

In IE click tools -> internet options -> connection tab.
The highlight your PN setuip and click settings.
Make sure 'automatically detect settings' and 'use automatic configuration script' are unticked and that 'use a proxy server' is also unticked. If you changed anything save it and try again.


Many thanks for your speedy response. I am not on AOL Broadband when I try dial up to PlusNet. When I first went on I had no problems and even managed to view one or two web sites. The problem seemed to start after I managed to mess up setting up Email. I've checked the settings on connections and they appear to be exactly as described. I am at my wits end. AOL sent out instructions to update my modem and it completely destroyed my connection. It later transpired that the modem I'm using required no update and the hours of frustration were completely unnecessary. If you have any further ideas I would be glad to hear them. All I can do at the moment is see that I have managed a good connection on dial up but no page is opening up to allow me to go further.


Just to let you know I have got it sorted. When I messed up the Email I deleted the link between the dial up and Internet Explorer but have now set it up again.

Thanks for your advice. I'll have a go at setting up my Email in the near future and hopefully I'll be able to sign up to PlusNet Btoadband before too long.


Bob (W).

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