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DG834G NEW Firmware


DG834G NEW Firmware


DG834G NEW Firmware


DG834G NEW Firmware

NOTE: Firmware is listed here on a 'at your own risk basis'. Do not use this
firmware unless confident about your ability to carry out the upgrade.

try the DG834(G) very Stable Wink

DG834G NEW Firmware

Good call.

Applied the V.2 upgd and was impressed with the VPN wizard / End Point utility.

Thanks for the info.


DG834G NEW Firmware

Is this a manufacturer release or an alternative firmware written by enthusiasts?

DG834G NEW Firmware

ignore me, I went to the Netgear site, it's a manufacturer beta release:

Link to the Netgear site:
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DG834G NEW Firmware

Also note there are 2 Beta released on the longview website: 1.10.10 and 2.10.09. I have no idea what the difference is or which one is the proper Beta (I suspect 2.10.09 is but I'm not sure).

I have tried both and both versions had problems using the web based update (I had 1.05.00 on it)- the router crashed and went into a recovery mode with the top 2 lights flashing alternately. The only way out was to use the recovery utility so I suggest you download that first before you try any beta software as you won't be able to get it if your router crashes. Note: I havethe DG834v2 model (the smaller white one).

So upgrade/use with caution.

DG834G NEW Firmware


I have only used the 2.10.09 upgrade on 3 DG834G's without issue.

I particularly found the VPN end point facility useful and easy to configure.

No issues with any of the routers with regards stability etc.

Running sweet for us.


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DG834G NEW Firmware

Hmm... shall I try? shall I not? Hmmmmm....

DG834G NEW Firmware

This new firmware now supports the new ADSL2+ Cheesy up to 25Mbps

DG834G NEW Firmware

I tried the latest beta version of the firmware 2.10.09, and I have the V1 DG834. It caused by router to reboot without warning, every 20 or so mins. :shock:

I've gone back to last stable non beta version, 1.05 .

I had problems upgrading to 2.10.09 as well, the first time the update crashed and I ended up using the recovery program to fix it.

I might try 1.10.....but I think I'll wait for the next official release. Upgrading firmware is not without it's risks and I don't want to end up with a nice gray useless box and no internet connection lol

DG834G NEW Firmware

The 1.10.10 works ok very stable for me up time 890hrs no re boots.. We will be with +net next month looking forward to getting ADSL from you.. Wink



DG834G NEW Firmware

This note describes DG834 and DG834G software release Beta Version 2.10.09. The enhancements and fixes are those added since Version 1.05.00.

New Features Overview

1. The manual adds a new chapter on VPN. Please refer to it before attempting to use this Advanced feature.

Right-click and Save DG834 Reference Manual (English, 3.91 MB)
Right-click and Save DG834G Reference Manual (English, 4.33 MB)
2. Adds support for up to five IPSec VPN tunnel endpoints. In the later, non-beta, release this feature will be under the Advanced menu. Information on NETGEAR’s VPN client software is here on the North American Web site.
3. Adds VPN Wizard functionality to ease simple tunnel setup based on defaults suggested by the VPN Consortium. In the non-beta release this feature will be under the Advanced menu.
4. Updates the wireless driver.
5. Updates the ADSL microcode. ADSL2+ is now supported, and is currently undergoing interoperability testing with various DSLAMs.

Modifications and Bug Fixes

1. Changes DHCP lease time from 3 days to 24 hours.
2. Sets default rule to “Drop” when NAT is disabled.
3. Fixes a problem where the static routing table was not updated after DHCP was disabled then enabled.
4. Fixes various ADSL connection issues.
5. Spanning Tree Protocol is no longer enabled.
6. Special characters such as “/” or “$” can now be used for the PPP user name and password.
7. Fixes a problem where firewall rules specifying an IP range would not work properly.
8. Fixes a problem where Annex B firmware could be uploaded to an Annex A unit.
9. Fixes a problem where the DNS proxy would fail to respond after awhile.
10. Fixes a problem with RIP-2.

Known Issues

1. If popup blockers are enabled on a client PC, they must be disabled for certain DG834 or DG834G management Web pages to appear, including the connection test page.
2. There is a problem connecting wirelessly using WPA-PSK security encryption if the checkbox to Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID) is unchecked.
3. There are some compatibility issues with the whiteboard on MSN Messenger 5.0.
4. If a forwarding rule is set for a server running on the LAN, the server cannot be accessed using the WAN IP of the DG834(G) from a LAN station.

To Upgrade

To reach the Upgrade menu, click Router Upgrade from the Maintenance section. To upload new firmware:

1. Download and unzip the download to a convenient location such as your desktop.
2. Connect to your DG834 or DG834G using the Ethernet port.
3. In the Router Upgrade menu, click Browse and locate the .img file you just unzipped in Step 1.
4. Click Upload.

Note: When uploading software, it is important not to interrupt the Web browser by closing the window, clicking a link, or loading a new page. If the browser is interrupted, it may corrupt the software. When the update completes, your router automatically restarts.
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DG834G NEW Firmware

For those who have trouble upgrading to 1.10.10 or 2.10.09 using the normal upgrade page on the router, you can use the recovery utility to do it. However, this will only work if your roter has crashed (top 2 lights flashing alternately) trying to upgrade via the router page.

1) Download the recovery util from here and unzip it to a folder.
2) Download the new firmware file and unzip it to a folder.
3) Login to the router and try to do a firmware upgrade. If it fails do as follows
4) Replace the 1.05.00 .img file (or whatever .img file exists) in the recovery utility folder with the 1.10.10 or 2.10.09 .img file. Make sure only one .img file exists.
5) Run the recovery utility and it will load the new firmware.

The only difference I have found between 1.10.10 and 2.10.09 is 2.10.09 version takes longer to resync with the exchange and sometimes takes several goes before it succeeds. The 1.10.10 version appears to resync much quicker and often on the first attempt. This is true even though both versions appear to have the sam version ADSL firmware: so I don't know why it is different in operation.

And for anyone hoping this version supports Multi-cast, it does not.

DG834G NEW Firmware

New Firmware v 2.10.17


Modifications and Bug Fixes

Version 2.10.17

Updated the ADSL driver to improve ADSL2+ support.
Added Knowledge Base and Documentation links under Web Support to the web management interface.
Moved VPN pages to the Advanced-VPN section.
Added VPN keep alive feature on VPN Policies page.
Fixed a problem with keyword blocking
Extended username and password fields on the E-mail page to 63 characters
Fixed a problem where if an SSID, passphrase, or PSK contained a space, it would not be properly restored from the configuration file.
Fixed a problem where the date header was missing from email sent by the DG834(G).
Port type is now shown on the Services page (under Security).
Fixed a problem with PPTP passthrough introduced in 2.10.09.
Fixed a problem with a special configuration where the router would not disconnect after idle timeout.
Fixed a problem where a long pre-shared key could be entered on the VPN Auto Policy page which could impact router operation. The pre-shared key is now limited to 49 characters.
Fixed a problem where the DNS proxy could fail over time.
Fixed a problem where changing wireless security could reset previous wireless settings.
Modified 128-bit WEP to fill in all four keys when a passphrase is used to generate the key.
Fixed a problem where the log could show the hour as "24:xx".
Fixed a problem where firewall rules to block by schedule may not work with a range of WAN addresses.
Modified LAN settings to disallow the entry and report an error when trying to use the range 224.x.x.x - 255.x.x.x.
Fixed a problem where Connection Status could show the wrong IP address for the DHCP server.
Modified DNS proxy to support MX record lookups.
Fixed a problem where Remote Management could interfere with hosting web servers on LAN IP address when NAT was disabled.