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Contract length and moving house costs


Contract length and moving house costs

I'm considering the Broadband Plus but have a couple of questions:

1) Is there any cost for moving house? I am likely to be doing so in the coming months with probably no change to the phone number.

2) The features page suggests it is a 1 month contract only and doesn't mention annual contracts. When signing up I have to opt for an annual contract at no cost or a 1 month contract for a one off £11.75 fee. Which is correct? Does a 1 month contract mean I have no cancellation fee after one month?

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Contract length and moving house costs

No. It doesn't.

If you take up the free activation, you will have a cancellation fee if you leave within 5 years. The cancellation fee goes down in value year after year.

If you activate your line, you can then move house once, within the five years, without incurring any extra charge, but the five years will restart from the date of the new activation at the new house.

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Contract length and moving house costs

There is no direct cost for moving house. Plusnet have introduced an offer to move your ADSL for free as long as you stay with them for 5 years. However if you wish to leave within 5 years you pay a reduced amount for each year you stay.

The same is true of the free activation offer. If you opt for the monthly contract this means you can leave after a month but subject to the terms of the free activation and move of ADSL offers if you have used them.