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Contention query


Contention query


I have a question about contention ratio....

Take the 2Mb home user offer:

2Mb, 50:1 contention

Does this mean that the actual speed at any one time available to any user may be 2meg/50=40Kb

or, as some seem to suggest, that the virtual circuit bandwidth, which may be significantly greater than 2Mb, available to 50 users is split into 50 - thus having a
limmited effect on user speed (depending on circuit size)...?

Hope this makes sense...

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Contention query

50:1 contention means that up to 50 users can share 2MB/s of bandwith presuming you are on a 2MB/s connection, however it is unlikely that 50 users will be sharing the two meg at the same time. Think of a water pipe with 50 people connected to it the water in the pipe is the 2MB/s connection and in theory everyone could decide to take a shower at the same time in which case the water is split between 50 users and the pressure drops. The same happens with ADSL connection the more people that use the ADSL the slower it is. However it is highly unlikely that all 50 people will be online at once hence you will not normally notice the connection.

Contention query

Plus, because of the way that data is sent and received, normally most users would be using very little bandwidth, so even if all 50 were online, you should still get speeds approaching 2Mbs, however if a number of other users are doing some very heavy downloads, you would see reductions.
For the most of us, 50:1 is fine.