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Ok - I'm attracted by the premier service, however, is it un - capped or what? Also, are the upload/download speeds comparible to other ISP's? :?
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In reply to your queries.

There are no "Hard" Caps on the service.
However you are expected to use it in a sensible manner and not try and download the internet full time.

What this means in reality is that you could have say a lot of large files to download one month and use in the region of 150+ GB.
That would not raise any eyebrows, but if you did the same again next month it would and if you then continued to use large amounts every month you would get a mail asking you to reduce your usage.
If you ignored this request you would then end up being restricted in your speed.

So the rule is be sensible with your usage and there will be no problems.

As to speeds. P2P is slightly shaped so that in very busy periods you may see some slow down but many people are reporting that the effect of this is not really noticed.


I just have to warn the user as i feel it is only fair the new t&c means that plusnet at busy times can increase the shaping on their products to ensure that html, gaming and voip etc are all lag free while downloading and p2p are hit.

I use to get 200+ before the shapping and now i am only getting 90 max on a very good day (mainly 30kb/s)

in my opinion if you looking to download alot or want none shaping of your p2p then this is not the place.

p.s choose wisely as if you defer the payment you will get stung (you need to pay the £14.99 defered payment) if you find it is no good for you and you want to move on.

im personally moving off to freedom to surf once i check i got money in the bank to do so.