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Changing to long?


Changing to long?

I have cancelled my adsl service with my current provier as i intend to sign up with plusnet. i could not migrate over so i had to cancel which had no problem doing. How long does it take to remove a service from my line? And do i have to wait until then to place an order with plusnet or can i place one now?

I will be signing up to the 2mbit service which shouldnt be a problem as i have been on the 1mbit service for over a year and my line attenuation is: 17 and 20, down and up.

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Changing to long?

New activations take 7 -> 10 days.

No idea how long it takes an ISP to remove ADSL. You will need to chase your old ISP to make sure they do it quickly. PlusNet will not be able to place the order for ADSL until the ADSL service has been removed by your old ISP - if they do it will be rejected.

You could sign-up for ADSL through plusnet then tell them you are waiting for ADSL to be removed by your old ISP. They should them keep trying to submit the order until it goes through.