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Can I test Webmail before I join PN?


Can I test Webmail before I join PN?

I'm growing increasingly dissatisfied with my ISP and PN looks good.

However, one benefit of my current ISP is that I can access their webmail when I'm at work. Not everyone can do this as the company's firewall blocks their access.

Is there a test account or something so I can see if I can get onto PlusNet's webmail from work? This would be a deal breaker and I don't want to go to all the hassle of switching ISP's only to find I can't get my mail any more.


Setup a PAYG PlusNet Account


Yes! one method you could certainly use to test the service/s before you decide if you want to take up PlusNet at a later date, or with a paid account or a paid service. You could sign up with Plusnet for a "Standard Pay as You Go" account which means you dont pay plusnet but just for the phone calls (dailup type with modem) and phone time online that you use. This way you would have a normal username & password and this would allow you to use PN and the basic services on offer with this account type. Which I believe also includes web mail, now wheather your company would block access to PN & webmail with its firewall I cannot tell you at this point but I think there is possibly only one way to find out and thats too try it out. I cannot see how you have anything to loose?

Best Regards Ivan

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Can I test Webmail before I join PN?

Apart from the teething problems when it was first launched (the servers have now been much upgraded), I find @mail (the IE version anyway) very useful, very speedy and very functional.

You should be happy with it.
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Can I test Webmail before I join PN?

Before I migrated from Demon (ADSL) I opened a PlusNet PAYG dial-up account to test a new ISP and web email service.

I found PlusNet in general very good particularly customer support and these forums. When I took the plunge to migrate, my ADSL connection was migrated simply to PlusNet using my PAYG dial-up account accountname. All went fine.

Now webmail….that is different!

When I migrated PlusNet had their own web based email and this was fine. They now use the third party @Mail application that you will see from many posts has a poor reputation.

I also have a free BT PAYG dial-up account and use their web email to collect my PlusNet and BT emails. It is much easier to use, and you can collect mails from many different accounts much more simply than the @Mail system.

By the way, my company’s firewall now blocks the BT and PlusNet’s web email so I strongly suggest you take out a BT and PlusNet free dial-up account to test before you migrate.

Can I test Webmail before I join PN?

A PAYG account is a good idea. I'll give that a go.

Thanks for your help.