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Cahnging IP and username


Cahnging IP and username

To change my IP and username would I have to cancel my contract and rejoin? What would the fee for that be? And does a new contract guarantee a new IP?

Also I have a couple of domains transferred in, would I have to transfer them out of plus net and back in again under the new name or could that be handled within plus net?

Thanks All
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Cahnging IP and username

There is no way to change an existing name so yes, you wuld have to cancel and re-register to use a new name. You would normally get allocated a new IP but there may be a slim chance you may get the same one if it is no longer used (IPs are put back into the pop to be re-allocated to new sign-ups).

Cost will be the equivelant of a new activation charge of £58.75 or £70.50 depending on annual or monthly contract.

One possible option is to migrate to another ISP then migrate back after a month or so (depending on the contract terms for the other ISP). When you migrate back in you just sign-up with a new name.

You will need to transfer out your domains during this time.

Is there a specific reason why you want to change your name and IP? Knowing the reasons may yield alternative options for you. i.e. a new IP could be assigned if your current one is being targeted by DoS or other hacking/virus activities.

Cahnging IP and username

Im getting a lot of noise on my IP but I would really like to change my username as like many others I hadnt realised that it became your visible "web name".

Any ideas on reasonable ISP that allows migration easily? Ideally on a monthly contract as I would migrate back probably.

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Cahnging IP and username

Are you concerned about your username in your web / e-mail address. You could register a domain.

If you are concerned about your username in forum postings, you can register a pay as go dial account, then ask one of the moderators to give you write permissions on the forum.

As for network noise on your IP address, unless you are suffering a targeted attack then the noise will simply follow you anyway. If it is a targeted attack Plus.Net may consider a request to change IP address.


It’s not the intrusion attempts that are logged by your firewall that you should be concerned about. It’s the ones that get through that should concern you.
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Cahnging IP and username

If you are worried about a rDNS showing your username you can raise a ticket and get it resolved to your IP number instead.