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Broadband Packages Questions

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Registered: 14-08-2007

Broadband Packages Questions

Currently on dial up and considering a move to a Broadband £14.99 package. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

1. What significance is there in not having SMTP in the Broadband Plus Package?

2. Is there is any suggestion (in light of the current Premier product situation) that the Plus or PAYG products will be subject to any alteration (in price or service) in the near future?

3. As changes seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment, does monthly make more sense than yearly and is it worth the extra "setup" (i.e. penalty) fee?

4. Why should I choose PlusNet @ £14.99 with minimum £58 setup rather than Tiscali @£15.99 with no setup, as it will take nearly five years to recoup my costs?

Broadband Packages Questions

#3 - yes it appears to be benificial to select a monthly account now. It makes for easier migration to another ISP if PN change thier minds again.

In general, perhaps it's better to wait for the rest of the anouncments before making your decisions.
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Broadband Packages Questions

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