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Hi, I want to move from blueyonder to but my blueyonder comes through a point in the wall and not a bt phone line.

I just want to know how I would go about getting and is there 4mb uncapped / any good?

Any help would be great.


4mb is currently only on trials as far as i know.

I moved to plus net they area generally good i aint had no problems from them.

You will require a phone line by BT. What you currently have sounds like Cable. The Blueyonder connection or cabling as far as i know cant be used as it doesnt connect to a BT exchange.

If you have a BT line then all you need to do is go for a adsl line through it which i think is free connection at the moment.

But you only get 2mb max at the moment with 4 and 8 expect late this year or next year (Not exactly sure)
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Yip, Blueyonder is telewest's ISP definatly cable.


We were with Blueyonder (Telewest) and wanted to join PlusNet. Told BT we wanted to return to them and they did all the necessary with Telewest and came and switched the telephone line back on the appointed day. We then applied to PlusNet for a package and they arranged for the BT line to be ADSL activated. Again done on the activation date.

In the meantime, as Telewest Broadband is from the cable, not the telephone line, we kept their service going until the PlusNet was wonking. Then got rid of Blueyonder. The cable broadband was good but too expensive compared to PlusVet. And the PlusNet service is excellent.