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Billing question ??


Billing question ??

Hi Guys,

I have had a quick look round the site but cant find the answer to this question.

Is it possible to pay for the service annually in advance rather than monthly by DD or credit card ??



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Billing question ??

Hi there,
Yes, this is possible. When you sign up to PlusNet you can sign up for either a monthly contract or an annual contract (which can be billed monthly, quarterly or annually). The difference between a monthly and an annual contract is that with an annual contract PlusNet may waive certain fees like the free USB modem + activation offer for an extra £7.50 a month on the broadband home products page - this requires an annual contract. If you sign up to a monthly contract you are required to pay the activation and modem costs at signup.

However, Plusnet, unlike other ISPs (Wanadoo, AOL UK, BT Yahoo!, etc) who require that when you wish to cancel an annual or 12 month contract that you pay the rest of the remaining months of your contract if you decide to canel - Plusnet just ask you to pay the waived fees back such as activation costs that were waived at signup, etc.

I hope that makes some sort of sense. Sorry if not, I am sure someone more 'in the know' will be able to explain it better for you.

matt Wink