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Access to Hotmail


Access to Hotmail

Since re-installing (by CD) Windows XP Service Pack 2 I have been unable to get to the log-in page of my Hotmail account. Same problem in getting to the log-in page of Nationwide Building Society for internet banking. It just comes up with a blank page and "Done" in the bottom left-hand corner.

Strangely, no problem accessing the NatWest internet banking service.

I had to reinstall XP because Internet Explorer (part of it) stopped working.

Is there a problem with my settings? If so, what do I change?


Access to Hotmail

Hi there,
it is possible you may have picked up a spyware/malware infection which is stopping your browser from working, i suggest downloading and using the following tools and trying to access the sites again.
Microsoft AntiSpyware
Be sure to update each anti-spyware application and run them in safe mode with system restore turned off.

Access to Hotmail

I found a good solution to solve a lot of internet explorer problems,
its quite simple really, all you have to do is:

Click Start,
Go to control panel
then add/remove programs
Select windows components
Remove internet explorer.
Now all you have to do is redo this process except intall internet explorer.

I once spent ages trying to clean spyware off my computer only to find this fixed
my internet explorer instantly.
Hope this help anyone!