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4mb connection?


4mb connection?


I recently signed up for the 4mb Plus Net service. I understand this is not currently available in my area, but why am I paying the full cost (£29.99) when I'm only getting a 2mb connection. I presumed that I would pay for the 2mb connection until 4 was avaible.


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4mb connection?

This has really been covered to death on these forums, has been a very controversial issue and Plusnet even terminated the service of 2 users for being too vocal about it on the fourms.

Unfortunately your assumptions are wrong, and Plusnet have been charging customers on the 4Mb and 8Mb accounts since about April time when none of these products are available anywhere yet.

I would suggest downgrading to the Upto 2Mb product. This will cost you £14.99, but you'll likely save more than that before 4Mb is available in your area.
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4mb connection?

I think the reason is that you are at the front of the queue to get 4mb. Something weak anyhow :-(

4mb connection?

Ok thanks for the advice.

Personally I believe something should be stated upon signup! Evil I would change broadband provider over the issue, but am locked into a 12 month contract I believe.