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4 Months and Counting for Migration (good service !!!)


4 Months and Counting for Migration (good service !!!)

"We will contact BT and your previous ISP to organise the transfer of your ADSL connection. The time taken to transfer your account is dependant on BT and your previous ISP. . You will receive an email to your contact e-mail address once your line has been activated, so there is no need to contact our Support team to find out about the status of your activation. "

I received the above as part of the registration for migration from BT on the 21st June 2004 and to date have had no further response.

4 Months and Counting for Migration (good service !!!)

Have you checked your closed tcikets on the link:contact us system?

Up until the 30th July 2004, BT Wholesale where using a very inefficient system for migration.

Requests didn't make it, they got ignored or the losing ISP couldn't contact the Customer to confirm the request.

A new system was trialed before that date, however, only with certain ISPs. After the 30th July, only the new system was used.

It is a very quick system which can see you migrated in as few as 5 days.

4 Months and Counting for Migration (good service !!!)

As a new customer to Plusnet they should see this process through.

I rely on my broadband connection and quite frankly would have reservations about a company that simply lets this process fall down a black hole.

4 Months and Counting for Migration (good service !!!)

The problem with that however it, prior to July 30th, most migrations fell down holes.

The system was never geared properly, and little could be done.

PlusNet had no powers other that to ask BT if they had sent the request to the losing ISP.
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4 Months and Counting for Migration (good service !!!)

Hi there,

Your migration request was submitted to BT on the 29th of June using the old migration technique but we never received a response and hence the migration just times out (which was the reason that BT introduced a new system).

I can guarentee that this has timed out so you will need to contact BTOpenworld and request a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC). Raise this to us through link:contact us and we will have you migrated across in 7 days.

I can understand why you would want us to do the leg-work for you here but we are not able to request the MAC, which is fundamental to the new process.