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PlusNet partnering with other FTTP providers

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PlusNet partnering with other FTTP providers

Would be nice to think PN management would be open to partnering with other FTTP providers other than provided by their parent organisation.

Presumably politics would prevent,, but IMO PN should have option; if a BT customer I'd appreciate would be a no no.

In my area, Gigaclear are busily cabling local lanes as part of local Council initiative, funded by Central Government primarily.

Their www states they are looking for partners, but when I raised before was a definite NO from PN that would even consider. PN Management, please look at this.  Smiley


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Re: PlusNet partnering with other FTTP providers

Tht would be a bit like asking PN to use the Virgin network to provide services. Besides Gigaclear will have a monopoly and dominant position in the areas they are cabling, and won't want to give that away.   

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Re: PlusNet partnering with other FTTP providers

Gigaclear do NOT have an monopoly. In areas where Gigaclear are present the Openreach network is still available along with the dozens of ISPs that use it. So in a Gigaclear area you have more choice, not less.

In addition Gigaclear have a number of wholesale providers:-

They are looking for more providers so if Plusnet wanted to use the Gigaclear network they could. My guess is that BT won't allow them to.