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Latest on FTTP?

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Re: Latest on FTTP?

Delete please

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Re: Latest on FTTP?

I hope Plusnet offer FTTP soon. I've been with Plusnet/Force 9 since the late 90's. I've stayed for the customer service.
Given I'm on an exchange only line, I have a choice of standard ADSL or FTTP. I can't get FTTC. If Plusnet don't eventually offer FTTP, I'll be forced to move elsewhere. That'll be a real pain as they host my domain and tie the email into my address inbox.
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Re: Latest on FTTP?

It's baffling why it has taken so long for it not to be available.  

I was on a Plusnet FTTP trial in my previous, sadly rented, property in 2013!  We had 330Mbps into the house which was wonderful.