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Huddersfield Exchange Online yet?

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Registered: 08-09-2012

Huddersfield Exchange Online yet?

Does anyone know if the Huddersfield Exchange has finally been set up for Fibre yet? And if so can you order this from PlusNet?
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Registered: 08-09-2014

Re: Huddersfield Exchange Online yet?

Yes, it is, I'm moving into Deighton, Huddersfield, this coming Friday, 12th September.
I was informed I would be getting FTTP, but this followed on below.
Sad to report this info:
Dear Mr Jones,
As per our conversation,
I do apologise it should read FTTC, this was a typo error.
I won't include the persons name who sent this, but I am disappointed as I was so looking forward to getting FTTP, and now it's standard FTTC!