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FTTP trials

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FTTP trials

Will FTTP ever come to bexhill-on-sea (East-Sussex)?
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Re: FTTP trials

Bexhill shows as an FTTC only exchange on Openreach's Exchange List:
NDBEX BEXHILL FTTC Now Rother District

Hastings shows as a mix of FTTC and FTTP:
NDHAS HASTINGS FTTC/P Now Hastings District (B)

If you already have FTTC, then the only chance of FTTP is to get FTTPoD which will be expensive as the upfront charges are hefty. The cost for Openreach putting in FTTP has been far, far higher than their estimates. Openreach will not be upgrading FTTC areas to FTTP for many years or even decades - the cost is just too prohibitive and the time taken to recoup such an investment is likely to be many decades.
Edit: Fyi, I found this about the rollout for East Sussex: