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[FTTC] Terms and Conditions

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Registered: ‎31-12-2010

[FTTC] Terms and Conditions

I have read the terms and conditions and agreed to them so I can join the trial.
I take my responsibilities on such matters very seriously, so I'm a little concerned by paragraph 26
26. You agree to keep in confidence and not to disclose any information (whether written or oral), about this trial, its existence, these terms and conditions or any other information obtained under this agreement.

Surely any posts in this forum breach that condition?
Could the Plusnel team please add an exclusion to paragraph 26 to allow use of this forum?
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Re: [FTTC] Terms and Conditions

Given that much of the information about the trial is in the public domain, PN, should they wish to try and sue you over clause 26, would fail miserably.  The existence of this public forum and Plusnets part in this public forum make clause 26 moot.