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80/20 trial --- is 1.3mbps upload normal?

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80/20 trial --- is 1.3mbps upload normal?

As a Fibre Pro user of about a year,  last week I signed up to the 80/20 trial. Using the test, my download rate has increased from 34mpbs to 68mpbs, but my upload rate has only increased from 1.2mbps to 1.3mpbs.
I was expecting over 10mpbs upload speed: is such a small upload speed increase normal?  
I'm using a Cisco Linksys E3200 router.

edit - correct typo in subject
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Re: 80/20 trial --- is 1.3mbps uplaod normal?

I would say that is not normal, try as many different speed test sites as you can as I have found some seriously under-report the upload speed, although in my case generally reports between 11 and 15Mbps up.
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Re: 80/20 trial --- is 1.3mbps upload normal?

I only get 1.6mb up at the moment - due to a completely ferked profile....
BT report it as 37/20 yet I'm getting consistently a 37/1.6 - and previously had a stable 73/16 minimum...
The Openreach Cabinet tool reports I'm on a 40/2 profile though  Roll eyes
Completely screwed up.