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worn out

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worn out

i keep losing every 3-4 days the blue light on the router stays on so i don't know about the problem until i use laptop or mobile phone,the problem started in feb , i renewed my contract after 18 months with no problems previous with router but now i am just throwing good money away,tried everything suggested when i contacted with no result they just keep reading from a script and repeating over and over same ,.could i need new router ?? 

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Re: worn out

Welcome to the Forum @Les72 

I'm not sure what to suggest. What did the PlusNet people ask you to try? Restarting the router? Resetting the router? Did they point you at the Plusnet website that aims to try and improve wifi connections at

There is a known issue with the Hub One that relates to it connecting on 2 frequencies.. By default they have the same ID which can cause some kit - particularly but not exclusively ithings - to lose connection. The advice is to give them different IDs, See how to do it.

I don't know whether this will solve your problem, but it is a worthwhile first step.Was it one of the things that PlusNet people have already suggested it to you?

One final thought: if there is a fault in your router, and you are using a new router on your new contract, then it might be worth exploring whether PlusNet would provide a new router under guarantee. That said, others will tell you (correctly) that there are better routers than the Hub One and getting a new router (have a look in the router section of the Forum for advice) may be less hassle.

Please let us know how you get on.