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wireless problem

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wireless problem

I am a little bit stuck at what to try. have the standard kit router PN sends out .    got 4 laptops and couple of tablets in the house.  Never are all things contected at once.  we can  be using it for hours on end with no problems, then 1 laptop will drop off  of the wireless and cannot connect again without restarting the router, thus  kicking everyone else off.  this will happen two or three times a day. Not specific to any one laptop but to different computers or even  tablets when used.
It is getting a little tiresome to be honest.  any ideas would be appreciated .. was thinking of ditching that router asnd buying something perhaps a little more robust.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: wireless problem

There's a chance intereference could be causing this so I'd first of all find a WiFi scanner app assuming you have access to an android phone or iPhone?
That should give an idea of a better channel to connect to
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 Adam Walker
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