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vpn weirdly slow on new plusnet router

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vpn weirdly slow on new plusnet router

Hi All,

Had the old technicolor router for years and with some pretty solid service but had some issues with windows 10 so the lovely people at Plusnet sent me a new one a couple of weeks ago which I think is the same as the Bt homehub.

Installed fine and no problems. Fixed the issue I had with windows 10 and range was good and speed good. #veryhappy.


Monday morning fired up win7 laptop and connected to work vpn. No connection problems.

After half a day I realised that i hadn't had any emails and none of mine had been sent.

Ever since I've had loads of problems especially with Outlook.

Seems to be sporadically slow or blocking connections.

Outlook sits there with - "Trying to connect"

Although every now and again it works and a load of email flood in.

RDP works fine and I can be on a server working for hours, no problems.

IE sometimes has a wobble with page not found.

Speed Check says 65Mbit down and 10mbit up which should be enough.

Been working with the corporate support and they can't see any problems their side.

When I jump onto the neighbours broadband (don't tell) it works fine.


Any ideas of config that I can change ?

Turned the firewall off in the router and that made no difference.

I have a static IP with plusnet



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Re: vpn weirdly slow on new plusnet router

Do IP's block or restrict traffic on some or all VPN's ?